Wireless Charging Market Worth $22.25 Billion By 2022

The global wireless charging market is projected to reach USD 22.25 billion by 2022. Increase in the demand for hassle-free charging pads is driven by factors including entangling of charging cable, insufficient availability of electric sockets in public places and malfunctioning ports due to continuous usage. These key factors are expected to increase the popularity of wireless power systems. Adoption of this technology in sectors such as healthcare and military services is expected to offer new horizons for market growth and provide new opportunities to expand.

Compatibility issues with solution standards set up by wireless charging associations, namely Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and Air Fuel Alliance, are expected to pose a challenge for the manufacturers and distributors over the coming years. Key market players including Samsung, Qualcomm, and Broadcom act as members of these associations and play a vital role in the development of innovative technologies.

Inductive technology dominated the market with a share of over 50.0% in 2014 owing to increasing demand from Electric Vehicles (EVs) and widespread application of WPC’s Qi platform in consumer durables and electronics.

RF technologies are expected to witness rapid growth and capture market share of inductive technology over the forecast period. The major advantage of Resonant technology is its capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously thereby gaining an edge over RF technology which is tailored for small devices such as medical implants and wearables.

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Consumer electronics accounted for over 60.0% share in 2014 owing to increase in adoption of this technology in tablets and smartphones. The healthcare sector is estimated to witness a growth rate of over 40.0% from 2015 to 2022. Deployment of ultra-small devices such as sensory instruments and cybernetic implants into the body has become a simplified procedure owing to its ability to be charged wirelessly. Extensive R&D related to the development of new methodologies and techniques for wireless charging by numerous organizations namely Stanford University is expected to propel growth over the forecast period.

Asia Pacific accounted for a significant share of the global market, which can be attributed to rising demand for smart devices such as tablets and smartphones and increase in demand for electric vehicles in the region. Western Europe and the U.S. form the key regional markets on account of growing consumer preference and inclination to spend on quality consumer electronic products designed for the niche segment. Increasing adoption of powering mats and charging hotspots for consumers by global food chains including McDonalds and Starbucks is expected to have a positive impact on demand.

Africa and Latin America are untapped markets and are projected to observe the high adoption of wireless/cordless charging over the next seven years. The wireless charging market is characterized by huge investments by industry players to enhance and optimize existing functionalities. Key players include Qualcomm, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), PowerbyProxi, Samsung, Broadcom, and WiTricity Corporation.

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