U.S. Contract Glazing Market Worth $11.5 Billion By 2027

  • Insulated segment is expected to register the fastest CAGR of 4.9%, in terms of revenue, during the forecast period owing to increasing construction of hotels and office buildings in U.S.
  • Automotive accounted for a volume share of over 4% in 2019 considering the growing number of road accidents in U.S. leading to replacement of vehicle parts such as windshields and windows
  • Southeast U.S. held the largest volume share of over 25% in 2019, on account of the growth in the construction activities followed by high number of accidents in Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina
  • Tempered accounted for a volume share of 24.1% of the flat glass segment in 2019, considering its safety characteristics leading to its applications in the interior and exterior of buildings along with automotive aftermarket
  • The market is fragmented in nature with the presence of various key players such as Parmasteelisa North America; Enclos Corp; Benson Industries; Harmon Inc.; Gamma North America; and Binswanger Glass. Increasing customer base by opening new locations across the country is one of the strategic initiatives adopted by the key players



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Gaurav Shah

Gaurav Shah

I am working in Market Research Company. So my job in research is to provide answers & guidance to our clients as they relate to marketing and consumer science.