Qatar Smartphone Market Size Worth $2.15 Bn By 2025

The Qatar smartphone market size is likely to reach USD 2.15 billion by 2025, according to a study by Grand View Research, Inc., experiencing a CAGR of 2.5% during the forecast period. In 2017, around 5.9 million products were sold in Qatar and the sales are estimated to increase at a significant rate over the forecast period.

Surging demand for virtual/augmented reality gaming among professional gamers and youth is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Excessive use of consumer electronics and technologically advanced phones among youth in Qatar is creating the need for frequent replacement of existing as well as outdated phones. Additionally, rising inclination of youth population towards communication and entertainment is anticipated to spur smartphone demand in this country.

Reducing prices, coupled with technological advancements, are projected to promote product sales among different age groups in the country, including individuals that belong to the age group of 15–54. Increasing number of mobile broadband connections and growing online sales are further poised to bolster market growth over the forecast period.

A few notable trends such as gifting electronic consumer devices to close relatives and friends, especially during promotions and discounts on smartphones in the country, are likely to boost product sales in Qatar over the forecast period. Additionally, in 2018, promotions and discounts offered by various smartphone brands evoked a significant response among customers in Qatar. Discounts on high- and mid-range phones offered by Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, and Xiaomi played a vital role in driving sales of phones in the country.

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Further key findings from the study suggest:

  • Increasing disposable income of consumers, coupled with widespread internet penetration, has been escalating the growth of the market in the country
  • Widespread use of smartphones in various application verticals, including military and defense, healthcare, fashion, manufacturing, and real estate, is expected to fuel the demand for products with a large screen, specifically phones with a screen size of 5.5 inches and above
  • In 2017, the above USD 400 segment accounted for more than 45.0% of the overall market revenue. Burgeoning demand for premium products in Qatar can be attributed to high-priced devices and offering them as gifts, which is often perceived as a status and reputational symbol among customers in the country
  • Additionally, many expatriates visiting their home in Qatar for a short span of time are inclined towards purchasing low-priced smartphones for temporary use. This is estimated to contribute to the growth of the up to USD 199 segment over the forecast period
  • The prominent industry players, including Samsung, Huawei, and Sony, are adopting different promotional and product differentiation strategies for sales and distribution of smartphones in Qatar
  • These strategies include high discounts for mid & high-range phones. These players are also focusing on R&D to provide value-added features and enhance performance of the final product.

I am working in Market Research Company. So my job in research is to provide answers & guidance to our clients as they relate to marketing and consumer science.

I am working in Market Research Company. So my job in research is to provide answers & guidance to our clients as they relate to marketing and consumer science.